"Hasak Cold Storage has amazing service. These guys cover all needs in a professional and accurate way. They are always ahead of everything and make the best to comply with any requirement. One can totally trust their service will be of excellence and exceed expectations. Itai, Joe, Amit, and the rest of the team are there to inform and support customers with any unforeseen issue, and make sure it is solved efficiently and timely. It is great to work with people reliable and honest, and who know what they are doing. I can say they are one of the greatest cold storages to load with."

Alejandra Yotti AJC International

"We have enjoyed a long relationship with Hasak Cold Storage. The key to making this relationship so successful over the years, is their open communication!! They call when shipments are ready and never give false pretenses. Both their office and warehouse personnel are always pleasant and courteous to work with. Hasak Cold Storage is a reliable, honest and professional company to work with. Their efforts continually succeed our expectations!! We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership for many years to come."

Jaimee Natale – City Haul

"Hasak Cold Storage always delivers great service! Itai, the manager, always goes above and beyond to assist if we have problems, and we get the support we need when encountering scheduling issues, supplier delays etc. I can recommend HCS to anyone in need of warehouse services in the Chicago area, they are a great partner to have in the world of Logistics and Exports"!

Miguel S. – PS International

"If you are looking for a reliable cold storage warehouse in Chicago with an outstanding customer service, Hasak Cold Storage is your answer. They have a very unique group of professionals with an amazing expertise of the industry."

Rafael Alvarez-Garcia – AJC International

"Great Service!! This company can handle all of your warehousing needs in an honest and professional manner. Their team works hard to make sure all of your needs are met. I would recommend Hasak to anyone in the need of a cold storage warehouse, a boxing facility, or a transload location."    

James GilbertT & J Trading

Just a note to say thank you!

Honduras customers are very picky and need their health certs typed in the name and date. I wanted to thank you for going above and beyond to get this done for us. I understand it is outside of the normal requirements but the fact that you take the extra step for me and our customers means a lot.

It does not go unnoticed! 



Cindy Scagliotti

Gerber Agri International

Great Servi 

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HASAK COLD STORAGE is the only 100% owner operated cold storage in Chicago. We are an extension of your business and your success is our success. We know that there is one sure thing in logistics, something unexpected always happens at the least opportune time. At that time you want to speak to someone who will tell you that everything is under control and ok, not someone who says that he is sorry but he can't help you. HASAK COLD STORAGE will give you the peace of mind that will allow you to focus on growing your company, not getting frustrated with your cold storage warehouse.

HASAK COLD STORAGE will provide you with unprecedented service. Partnering with us is a great strategic move for your company.

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